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Microcurrent Therapy
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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is an exciting option for people who suffer with pain syndromes and is being used widely with excellent results.

The machine (which is the size of a large tool box) sends micro currents (millionths of an Ampere) to specific tissue parts as programmed by the operator.

Studies have demonstrated that the body uses these frequencies naturally when repairing and growing its new cells (increases ATP by 500%).

As the name suggests, it is specific, which means that we can program it to target a particular organ or tissue and that organ/tissue only. As we run two simultaneous currents we can be very specific about the action that we want to occur in that tissue, for example, we can ask it to breakup calcification or reverse scar tissue only in the ligaments.

FSM was developed in the USA and is now being used by surgeons, general practitioners and some Alternative therapists throughout Australia.

Microcurrent therapy, which is used from one to usually 600 uA clinically, is the modality of choice for increased tissue healing. Research and clinical trials have shown that with microcurrent  stimulation, there is a 40-50% reduction in healing time of ulcers and sprain/strains; fractures heal faster and stronger; and that even bad scarring (keloid scars) remodel to become a healthier, stronger scar. Other ATP related microcurrent stimulatory effects include decreased inflammation, edema and swelling, and increased physical endurance in sports.

The Non-Invasive Future Of Skincare

by David Suzuki

Non-Invasive: not involving penetration (as by surgery or hypodermic needle) of the skin of the intact organism. This definition seems to be taking the nation by storm, but what does it really mean, and what impact does it have, if any, on our industry?

No more than 10 years ago, non-invasive treatments and natural alternatives were lumped in the category of “snake oil.” Today, it seems that a person cannot walk more than a block without passing an acupuncture clinic, anti-aging specialist and half-dozen yoga studios. In many parts of the world, non-invasive or natural remedies historically have been used more so than not. Americans, however, are very different in this respect, and it has been only recently that we truly have embraced and respected the genuine potential and power of non-invasive and natural alternatives.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports a 47.3-percent increase in the demand for alternative remedies between 1990 and 1997, and estimates that more than 42 percent of Americans today use alternative methods to address their health and wellness concerns. Statistics also indicate that more than 60 percent of doctors recommend alternative therapies, and 47 percent use alternative therapies themselves.

With the latest developments and advances in technology and wellness, Americans also are enjoying a much longer and active life, which also involves a certain amount of vanity. In 2003, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted nearly 7 million non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed compared to barely 1 million in 1997, equating to a whopping 700-percent increase.

Non-invasive procedures include microcurrent facial toning, oxygen infusion, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy.

In addition to this dramatic change in the way that Americans prefer to be treated, we also have begun to finally realize that good health and wellness is a concept, an ideal, a lifestyle. What this means in tangible terms is that Americans are on the cusp of understanding that that there is not just one miracle product or treatment, and now are open to an entire array of synergetic methods to achieve their goal of longevity and maximum quality of life.

Although the American train of thought regarding wellness has evolved over the years, the extreme nature of our culture cannot be swept under the carpet and forgotten. In reality, many cultures relied on what are commonly referred to as “alternative” remedies, simply due to the lack of ingenuity to develop modern technology. The forte and demand of the American culture is quick, immediate and effective. In esthetics, a beautiful balance of wellness has been achieved through noninvasive anti-aging devices that really work in harmony with body—the best of both worlds.


One modality that seems to be at the forefront of this balance is microcurrent. Microcurrent is a low level of electrical current used to improve the appearance of skin and the contour of the face and body. With this in mind, it meets the scope of nearly every state regulating board’s definition of esthetics.

True microcurrent works at less than 400 microamperes of electrical current and has no relation to electrical muscle stimulation that causes a visual or physical manipulation of the muscle via the electrical current. Microcurrent works in harmony with the body’s own natural electrical system and, in a nutshell, accelerates the body’s ability to function much more effectively and expeditiously. The wellness applications and possibilities of microcurrent seem endless and truly are amazing, ranging from wound healing to macular degeneration.

During a typical microcurrent esthetic treatment, the esthetician performs a series of manipulations to achieve what sometimes is referred to as muscle re-education, or lengthening and shortening, which is responsible for the contouring or lifting portion of the treatment. Results usually can be seen after the first application.

“Before I began working with microcurrent, I was really not an avid device user,” says Monica Leedom of Totally You Day Spa in Leesburg, Fla. “I reviewed many different equipment manufacturers before I found the right technology and company who really knew their science, made education a priority and had patents that could establish them as exclusive and original. I also needed a device that produced rapid, consistent results with longevity. Microcurrent fit the bill.”

The second portion of the treatment is focused on skin, improving blood circulation, product penetration, and increasing the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, the most integral two components of supple, firm, youthful skin. Recent studies at the University of Washington indicate that skin treated with microcurrent showed a 14-percent increase of natural collagen production, a 48-percent increase in elastin and a 39-percent increase of blood circulation—all inside of a 20-day time period.

“The retonification of facial muscles using microcurrent results from accelerated ATP [adenosine triphosphate] generation along with increased production of collagen and elastin,” says Dr. Robert Loss of Dermatology Associates of Rochester (N.Y.). “Unlike Thermage, the results are very immediate, the process completely safe and painless, and the cost for the consumer very low comparatively.”