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"We came to Dr. Henry when our four year son was diagnosed with asthma to get him off of Albuterol and its side effects. Dr. Henry successfully diagnosed the foods that triggered the asthma symptoms. Today my son is 11, never again used Albuterol and rarely gets sick. My son's treatment inspired me to go to Dr. Henry for an abnormal pap smear result, recurring bronchitis and debilitating neck pain. I haven't had bronchitis for quite some time now, no neck pain for a year and most of all, no abnormal pap smear in 7 years. Dr. Henry has been a blessing to my family for 7 years, supporting our commitment to wellness.  If I did not consult Dr. Henry in addition to my medical doctors my wellness would be incomplete and left to treating symptoms rather than the places where dis-ease arises."

 Dion-Cherie Raymond
Los Angeles

"I’m a 57 year old school teacher who had four surgical procedures performed on my left knee. In May of 2005, my left knee became so swollen and painful that I couldn’t walk on it and couldn’t work. After 3 treatments with Dr. Henry, the pain and swelling were significantly reduced and I returned to work. Today (August, ’05) I’m pain free and have full range of motion. Prior to seeing Dr. Henry, I tried Western Medicine and physical therapy without results."                                                             

 Christopher Peterson
(School Teacher)

"I have suffered with chronic respiratory, skin inflammations (eczema), sinus problems, asthma, anxiety and depression problems since the day I was born. After 34 years of doctors, allergy shots, cortisone, emergency room visits and psychologists, etc., Dr. Eileen Henry has finally given me some relief. Through weekly acupuncture and some simple allergy testing to the foods I eat, I have found relief. She was able to tell me what vitamins, oils, and minerals my body was deficient in, cut out the foods that I have trouble with and then start to desensitize me so I could eat them again without irritation. I feel a whole lot better, can breathe through my nose now regularly and my health is improving daily. Thanks Doc."

Michael Dubin
(Professional Musician)

"Dr. Eileen Henry is knowledgeable and on top of diagnostics. I had several blood clots on the inside of my eye and to the side of the retina. The retina specialist wanted me to have a check up. Dr. Henry found a serious vitamin C deficiency and treated it. After 4 months there was significant reduction in the blood clots and the retina specialist doesn’t have to see me for a year. He congratulated Dr. Henry on being an outstanding doctor. Dr. Henry has also treated my knees, wrists and sinuses with great results."

                                                            Suzanne Lishon

"I sought Dr. Henry’s help when I developed a sudden and severe case of neck pain. Anti-inflammatories and pain medication did nothing for this condition. After two weeks of constant pain, I was referred to Dr. Henry’s care. She provided a combination of acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, deep tissue massage and electro-stimulation. In 6 visits my pain was completely eradicated and has not returned. Now I’m a much healthier mother two young children and able to work with my husbands in our insurance business."                      

Rita Daniels
Sherman Oaks

"I’m on the computer 40-50 hours per week. I began to develop a sharp, throbbing pain in my right wrist soon followed by radiating pain from my right elbow into my shoulder. When my symptoms began to include numbness in my hands and an inability to grip and twist even a bottle of catsup, I sought professional help. My boss told my about Dr. Henry who agreed to see me immediately. She listened intently to my problem and examined me.  After 3 treatments, my pain level improved significantly. I continued to see her twice weekly for an additional 3 weeks. In that time the pain and numbness stopped. Dr. Henry also advised me about exercise office ergonomics as it pertained to my problem. I have continued to fully perform the duties of job the past two years without any recurrence of symptoms."

                                                            Carl Baker
Acct. Exec., Telecommunications